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Frequently Asked Question!

Hair wig fixing is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure. The procedure helps people facing issue of baldness.

Non-surgical hair replacement essentially means no use of surgery, cuts, medicines, injections. As a result there are no side-effects and no pain.

You can read in detail this blog, benefits of hair wig fixing.

The issue of baldness can be due to various reason like genetic fair fall problem or hair fall linked with lifestyle e.g. excessive driving, using chemicals on hair like hardeners or sprays or gels.

Hair Wig fixing cost start from as low as ₹4,000 (Four Thousand) and can go upto ₹25,000 based on the quality of hair wig or hair patch you choose.

You can read more about the types of hair patch and wigs for men.

Few factors in the price are Hair Patch Base quality, Quality of the hair used in the Hair Patch – whether the hair are 100% natural human hair or synthetic hair. Also, cost depends on the length, color and texture of the hair. Texture of the hair in hair wig or hair patch are measured with silkiness, shininess, softness of the hair.

Also, an important point to note – the quality of look you get with the hair patch or hair wig depends to an extent on the hair wig and patch – no doubt. But, it also depends on the skillfullness of the hair wig technician who performs the hair patch fixing.

It’s not very easy to identify which hair patch or wig is best for you just by watching youtube videos or watching related content online. It can only give you some basic understanding and idea of what types of hair patch or wigs are available, it’s cost range and ways of fixing. 

That’s exactly why we offer free demo and consultation on hair wig  fixing and hair patch fixing at College Streer, Kolkata. 

This will give you chance to try hair patch or hair wig and see how you would look in hair patch. You can undesrtand the quality of hair wigs and patches by having in person look and feel of it.

You can call us and visit for free demo and consultation.

Hair Wig or Hair Patch fixing process takes minimum 1 hour to maximum 2 hours. The time vary based on if the hair dye or hair coloring is to be done. If hair coloring is required, it takes around 2 hours. Otherwise, hair patch fixing gets completed well within 1 hour.

Hair Patch fixing can be done by 4 method or systems – Taping, Glueing or Bonding, Weaving and clipping. Non of the method involve any surgery or cuts. Simple skin-neutral and quality adhesive glues or tapes are used in case of bonding and taping. In rest of the cases, even those are not used. Clipping involves clips to put hair patch in place on the bard area, whereas weaving involves interviewing on the hair patch hair with the existing hair around the bald spot on men’s head.

All four procedures ensure that there are not side-effects.

Hair patches which are glued or fixed, needs regular service for sanitory reasons. One can service the patch every 30 t0 45 days, depending on how soon it gets loose. The period vary person to person. And the service cost ranges from ₹500 to₹750 depending on the system and additional servicing it may involve.

YMCA Building, 305, 3rd Floor, 90/6A, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, opp. Grace Cinema, Calcutta University,, College Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007
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