Best Hair Fall Treatment for Men in Kolkata and Howrah

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How many men with hair loss and hair fall problems do you encounter every day? You probably may not notice, but at least 1 in 5 adult men has a hair fall problem.

Then the question arises – is there a solution to the hair fall problem? If yes, what is the best hair fall treatment for men in Kolkata and Howrah?

In this short article, we will shed light on ways to treat hair fall and the best option to get a solution for hair fall issues in men.

Top 7 Reasons for hair fall in men

There is a multitude of reasons for hair fall problems in men. A few of them are listed below.

  • Heredity or Genetics
  • Hormone Changes
  • Stress or Shock or Treatment of diseases
  • Skin Problems or diseases
  • Poor nutrition linked to the diet
  • Incorrect grooming habits e.g. use of chemicals or waxes for hair styling
  • Lifestyle linked e.g. Excessive driving in dusty areas
  • Hair loss with age

Among all these factors, hair loss due to heredity is the most common reason for hair loss in men.

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Optios available for Hair Fall Treatment for men in Kolkata

3 major categories of solutions are available to choose from. They are listed below, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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1. Medical Treament of Hair Loss Problem in Men

Medical hair loss treatment or hair fall treatment involves the use of medicines to treat the root cause of the hair loss or hair fall problem in men.


  • No Surgery
  • The cost of treatment is spread or distributed over a long time. So, no upfront cost if the medical practitioner does fair practice and doesn’t burden you with unnecessary and costly tests to just earn commissions from the test centers and labs.
  • The root cause of the issue is tried to be treated with medicines – either edible medicines or oils/creams for external use.

Disadvantages or Challenges

  • If you are looking to get back hair, in a short span of time, this may not be an ideal choice.
  • Though there is no high upfront cost involved, the cost over time may pile up.
  • Additionally, finding a medical practitioner who is fair and ethical is a challenge.
  • The results you get might be slow.
  • In certain cases where the issue is due to heredity, medication may not work, for known or unknown reasons.
  • As this involves medicines or medication, it can have possible side effects.
Surgical Hair Loss Treatment of Hair Loss Problem in Men in kolkata howrah west bengal non-surgical hair replacement centre

2. Surgical Hair Loss Treatment of Hair Loss Problem in Men

Surgical Hair loss treatment for men involves surgery, most commonly known as Hair Transplant. Hair follicles or grafts of hair are planted on the bald head area through surgery.


  • If it works, it gives natural hair look
  • But, sadly, it normally doesn’t work for a variety of reasons listed in the disadvantages. 

Disadvantages or Challenges

  • The very high upfront cost of treatment, with no guaranteed immediate results.
  • Compared to the investment, returns are not assured. Once the transplant is done, the planted hair follicles initially fall, and the roots grow after a certain period of 2-3 months into new fresh hair. But the catch is if 1000 hair follicles are planted, chances that all 1000 grow are very less. So depending on how many follicles actually grow, the success of the procedure is measured. Normally anything below 70% results in low-density hair look. This is not why you do a hair transplant in the first place.
  • Another disadvantage of hair transplant is the use of medicines or chemicals. There are chances of side effects of the medicine or surgery.
  • Fair practice is also a big concern. For example, read the news from Pune, a fake medical person was treating customers.
  • Normally, hair transplant specialists or doctors are in a position to tell you upfront whether the hair transplant will be successful or not. The test results can be helpful. But more often, real results are not revealed and you are blankly told that it will be successful. This is a marketing and sales gimmick just to get a client.
  • The surgery is a painful procedure.
  • In addition to the surgery cost, monthly medicinal costs can also prove a burden.
Non-Sugical Hair Replacement Treatment of Hair Loss Problem in Men in Kolkata and Howrah

3. Non-Sugical Hair Replacement Treatment of Hair Loss Problem in Men

The third hair loss or hair fall treatment option is neither medical nor surgical. It’s called Non-Surgical Hair Replacement as it doesn’t involve any Surgery, Pain, Medicines, or Side effects.

What does it then involve?

It involves covering bald spots on the head with Natural Human Hair Wigs or Natural Human Hair Patches.

This is becoming a popular and more accepted solution to hair loss or baldness problems in men, due to the following reasons.


  • Low-cost solution with a guarantee of 100% immediate results i.e. you get your hairstyle back, in the required density, color, and texture within 60 minutes. That too without any medicine, surgery, side effects, or pain. The hair patch-fixing process is a very simple process.
  • You get almost instantaneous results, i.e. look with a good-looking natural hairstyle. You can see some of the real before and after results of men’s hairstyles after hair patch fixing in Kolkata.
  • Any hairstyle is possible with a hair patch or hair wig. And, it is very easy to maintain a consistent hairstyle as the hair in the wigs or patches doesn’t grow 🙂
  • It has a fairly long life of 1 to 2 years.
  • You get a choice to select the texture, length, silkiness, softness, and shine of the hair.
  • It can be used to cover any bald spot on the head.
  • With a hair wig or patch fixed on your head, you can do all activities like swim, wearing a helmet, running or jogging, playing sports, going to the gym, going out in rain, wash hair normally.
  • Hair wigs and patches are completely washable, undetectable
  • Hair wigs and patches come in a variety of Qualities in terms of hair color, length, and texture; as well as hair patch base.
  • You can get Assured Natural Hair wigs and patches as we provide at Hair Wig Fixing Centre Kolkata.
  • Hair Wigs are Easy to Use and Maintain. On top of that, the cost of maintenance is also quite low.
  • Most importantly, you are not doing experimentation with your body by taking medicines or doing surgery. You can stop wearing the hair patch or wig any time you decide to do so.

Disadvantages or Challenges

  • You must be able to stay away from cheap and low-quality hair wigs or patch providers. The market is full of low-quality hair wigs and patches, which claim to be genuine and 100% natural human hair wigs, but are not.
  • It needs regular servicing every 30 to 40 days. But it is as good as visiting a barber shop and is negligible compared to the cost and pain of treatment in the other two options listed above.


Non-surgical hair replacement with Hair wigs and patches is the best choice when it comes to hair fall or hair loss treatment for men in Kolkata or Howrah, both economically as well as in getting results in terms of hairstyle.

You can visit our Hair wig Fixing Centre at College Street, Kolkata for Free Demo and Consultation.

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